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Quit smoking save your lungs – how to quit smoking?

January 17, 2020

Smoking increases the level of harmful gases inside the lungs and causes damage not only to lungs but to other body parts also. When smoking becomes a habit, it gets difficult to leave it and then it causes body problems.

Smoking increases the level of carbon mono-oxide in the body which decreases the level of oxygen inside the body and the level of carbon dioxide is increased in hemoglobin. The level of oxygen decreases in Peripheral active tissues which are used to take oxygen and the level of CO2 increases which causes problems in the purification of blood and respiratory problems. There are problems like cardiovascular dysfunction and diseases.

Chemicals of cigarettes cause the heart to pump blood through the body harder. Thicker blood issues are prone to clotting. Problems like a blockage in the respiratory system, heart stroke, etc can occur due to it.

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The best reason and motivation for quit smoking is safety and love for your family, your need for your family and living a healthy and long life.

Consult a doctor for learning quit smoking habits and some medicines prescription as the body gets addicted to it. It is left slowly and one might take some medicines or its alternative like nicotine which will keep the urge of cigarettes down. Nicotine replacement therapy and most importantly your will to hold on to the urge helps a lot to quit smoking. Medicines should be taken according to the prescription, irregular habits of taking medicines can lead to health problems and depression.

Adopt some new hobbies to relax your mind, stressbuster activities, listening to music, doing exercise, spending time with family and friends. Change your routine pattern, like whenever you drink or smoke, do some other healthy things to divert your mind to stay away from the thought of smoking.

Brush your teeth, have a piece of chewing gum, talk to a friend, do some activity, divert your mind with hobbies or keep yourself busy with things.

Throw away the ashtrays, wash clothes and things which smell like smoke, use room fresheners to get rid of that scent. Stay away from things that smell or make you remember of smoking again. Do meditation to keep yourself calm and keep your mind away from such emotions and thoughts which bring you again to light up a cigarette.

Burn calories to lose weight which has been gained because of smoking. Have a healthy diet to keep yourself fit, eat fruits and veggies. Keep yourself hydrated.

Reward yourself on your small goals set to quit smoking. Spend the money saved after quitting smoking on fun activities.

Do daily exercise, go for a morning walk and keep yourself happy and fit which will prevent you from diseases for a long time.

Smoking a cigarette is just a wastage of money and time. Smoking is nothing more than a bad unhealthy habit which not only provides risk to one's life, shortens the life span of humans but also affects the lives of family members and people depend on that person.


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